• How Do I Check My Order Status?

Please allow up to 4 business days before your order is processed. 

  • Is Your Website Secure?

Do not worry! We absolutely are secure as we have an SSL security that ensures personal information is encrypted. Your credit card information is only used for one transaction. 


  • What Are the Shipping Times?

Below are estimates of delivery times associated with each country. Please note that these are only estimates and times may vary depending on unforeseen circumstances out of our control (e.g. natural disasters, holidays, weather or postal issues).

  1. North America - 7 to 21 business days
  2. Other Countries (i.e Europe, Australia, etc.) - 15 to 25 business days.
  3. Busy Seasons - 20 to 40 business days.  
  • How Do I Know If My Order Has Shipped?

Once your order is shipped, it will be marked as complete in our database and you will receive a confirmation email.

  • I Haven't Received My Order Yet! Is It Lost?

If you have any concerns regarding your order, please contact our support team by going to Contact Us. Most contact questions and inquiries are answered within 2 business days if not sooner.  Often times due to delays or high demand for a product, it can take quite some time for the product to arrive. Good things come to those that wait. Please be patient and we will do our best to help you answer any inquiries you may have. 


  •  What Is Your Return Policy?

We have taken the time to put together a detailed Return Policy - 30 Day Money Back Guarantee page for your convenience. If you don't like your product, send us an email and we'll gladly assist you!

  • Can I Cancel Or Modify My Order?

In the event you wish to cancel or modify your order, please contact us within 12 hours upon receiving your confirmation of order email. Unfortunately, order cancellations and modifications are not available after 12 hours.

  • Where Is My Tracking Number?

Tracking will be available 5 business days after you placed your order. Please reach out to our support team if you haven't received your tracking number after 7 days by contacting our support team. 

Jewelry Club 

  • How Do I Become A Tester?

Simply go to this our Jewelry Club Page by clicking here. Tap on the "Sign Up FREE" button and follow the steps to complete your application! Make sure to share your feedback since it's required! You may be terminated if you don't provide feedback!

  • How Is the Jewelry Club Free?

We partner with jewelry suppliers across the world and are constantly testing the market with new trendy jewelry. All you have to do is provide feedback and cover the small cost of shipping from our warehouses to your house.

  • How Often Will I Receive Jewelry?

This is dependent on the frequency you selected. You will receive jewelry every month, 2 months or 3 months. 

  • How Do I Manage My Subscription To Jewelry Club?

Simply create an account and manage your subscription right in our store. To access or create your account, please click here or email us at support@goldengrails.com. Make sure to create the account with the email you used at checkout. 

  • Can I Cancel My Subscription?

Yes! We'll be sad to see you leave our testing club family but you can simply cancel the scheduled orders before they are placed by logging into your account or email us at support@goldengrails.com.

  • How Do I Share My Feedback?

Please upload a photo of you wearing the product and your honest review by clicking on "Write A Review" the Jewelry Testing Club page!


Gold Grails Team